Dental photography

Nowadays, the use of digital dental photography is not unusual. This is primarily to help in daily dental practice, but also an obligation under the law. Such images are put simple requirements: to be clear, high-quality and clearly illustrate the subject.

The aim of this dental photography course is to provide the necessary knowledge concerning the rules and ways of doing high-quality dental images, which will constitute the professional documentation of the patient and the individual cases. Photos are used as registration course of treatment, use them in communication with the patient, and laboratory. High-quality images help with diagnosis and are used in scientific work. They will prove invaluable if there was a complaint procedures.

The course is designed for anyone who wants to perform high-quality pictures necessary for their work. The program takes into account both the needs of people who have not had contact with photography (photographic equipment) as well as those who want to organize and make their knowledge. The course participants will learn how to use their existing equipment, but will also be given complete solutions based on the Nikon system - is the ability to check different hardware (cheaper and high-end). During the course it is intended time for individual questions and consultations on the problems the participants met in current practice.

Classes in addition to the necessary theory to a practical nature. Each participant will be able to try out in practice the acquired knowledge. High quality photography is better the quality of the relationship with the patient, but also the opportunity to present the results of their work and imaging cases during symposia, conferences or in writing research papers. With plenty of time and patience, you can control everything yourself. However, participation in practical classes at least ten-fold acceleration of science. Contact with the living lecturer will not replace even the best online course.